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Meetingtrak & Membertrak    
flexible meeting management software

Meetingtrak® is a collection of applications designed to manage meetings, members, and continuing education. With more than 2,300 installations, it is recognized as one of the most utilized software systems in the industry. It has been widely embraced by corporate, association, education, and independent meeting planners alike.

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meeting management software solutions for event planners
membership software for tracking members
CE tracking for continuing education providers
meeting and membership software training

American Public Power Association selects Meetingtrak 7.0

Burk and Associates selects gomembers' Membertrak Version 7.0

Association of Professors of OB/GYN selects gomembers Membertrak Version 7.0 with continuing education

University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey selects Meetingtrak version 7.0

"I’ve used Meetingtrak/Membertrak to manage as many as 40,000 companies and 65,000 people. It’s very scalable. And I couldn’t live without its automated features."
Skip Potter, Executive Director of CABA 
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"We have used Meetingtrak for our conference for several years and have been very pleased. In particular, the customer support has been excellent. We have a large conference with several categories of registrants, and Meetingtrak handles it easily. The software is also very user friendly."

Mickey Barbely, IPIC Registration Director 
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"We love Meetingtrak! It works perfectly for our meeting management needs and I really appreciate the friendly and efficient support of the gomembers team."

Cathy Bowman, Resource Managers Inc. 
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Meetingtrak® and Membertrak® are meeting management and membership software solutions provided by gomembers, Inc.

gomembers is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner